Lesson Planning

I have included samples of some of the lesson plans that I have created for various courses this year.

Grade 5 Soccer Unit Plan: 8 lessons with various assessment tools and notes on possible adaptations and modifications – created with Oliver Conn.

Grade 2 Throwing Unit Plan: 8 lessons designed to teach a grade 2 class the basics of throwing and catching – created with Oliver Conn.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson Plan: A fun dance lesson that focuses on creativity and body movement, based around the classic YMCA dance.

Integrated Music and Literacy Lesson Plan (Suited for Elementary): A fun, literacy-based music lesson that can be used at a variety of elementary age levels – created with Mariah Learned and Oliver Conn.

Grade 4 Finger Math Lesson Plan: A different way to explore and visualize computational fluency for multiplying by 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s – created with Sarah Alder.