Over the past 4 years, I have had the opportunity to take a number of courses that have helped me to grow both as a learner and as an educator.

I spent my first couple years out of high school balancing travel, work, and coursework both online and face-to-face through the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, BC. Some of these courses were taken out of general interest, with the majority contributing to my first year of the Bachelor of Education program.

College of the Rockies Completed Courses:
  • ANTH 105: Aboriginal Health and Wellness
  • ANTH 120: Indigenous Worldviews
  • BIOL 151: Biology of the Environment
  • EAP 110: Healthcare in the School Systems
  • ENGL 100: English Composition
  • ENGL 102: Introduction to Prose Fiction
  • GEOG 101: Introduction to Physical Geography
  • KNES 101: Sociology of Sport
  • KNES 205: Nutrition
  • MATH 101: Finite Mathematics 1
  • MATH 105: Mathematics for Teachers
  • PHIL 180: The Search for Meaning
  • SOCI 101: Sociology & the Individual
  • SOCI 102: Social Institutions
  • PHIL 180: The Search for Meaning
  • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology 1
  • PSYC 102: Introduction to Psychology 2

In September of 2018, I transferred into the BEd program at the University of Victoria. I have listed the courses that I have completed in the program thus far below:

University of Victoria Completed Courses:
  • EDCI 250: Elementary Field Experience Seminar 1
  • EDCI 300: Mathematical Processes
  • EDCI 302: Literacy and Language
  • EDCI 303: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Cdn. Education
  • EDCI 305A: Drama Education – A Medium for Learning
  • EDCI 306A: Music in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDCI 307A: Art in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDCI 336: Technology Innovation
  • ED-D 301: Learners and Learning Environments
  • ED-P 251: 3 Week Practicum – Elementary Education (To be completed in Dalian, China: April – May 2019)
  • EPHE 310: Physical Education for General Classroom Teachers A
  • EPHE 311: Physical Education for General Classroom Teachers B