Audio and Video Editing

In this course, we have learned about some useful tools for audio and video editing. I had not had too much experience with either of these in the past – I had some technologically talented friends in grade school, which definitely came in handy but it also meant that I had less experience with audio and video editing.

During this course, we used iMovie to play around with editing a few video clips together. This came pretty easy to me, and I had lots of fun playing around with different visual effects and sound effects. The most difficult part of this was adding in music and sound effects to the exact spot that I wanted them in the video. For audio editing, we used GarageBand to play around with different sounds, as well as music that could be directly inputted through the app’s Musical Keyboard. I have included a link to the GarageBand tutorial here, with consent from and courtesy Rich McCue.

I am always interested in learning more about apps that allow students to become content creators, and both of these apps are great for that – especially at the intermediate to middle school level.


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