Photography: 06 March 2019

It’s starting to get cold here in Victoria again, and keeping our heat on is just too expensive! This week we decided to get crafty and sew up our very own microwaveable heating pads. All we needed to make them was:

  1. Fabric (100% cotton so that it’s microwave safe)
  2. Thread (also cotton so that it’s microwave safe)
  3. A sewing needle
  4. Scissors
  5. Pins to hold the fabric in place (you could also use hair clips or sticky tack)
  6. Filling (wheat, dried peas, dried beans, rice, barley)

This is a very inexpensive way to spend an afternoon, especially when you are buying fabric and other supplies for a group. We thought that this project would relate seamlessly (pardon the pun) to home economics in middle school, or even for a fun cross curricular art/science project. All we had to do was pick a fabric pattern that we liked, cut it to the desired size, pin it so that the pattern is on the inside, and sew it together leaving about a one inch hole! We hand-stitched them because none of us have a sewing machine so we had to reinforce our stitches a couple times to make sure our grains would stay in. Once the pouch was stitched, we turned it right-side out and filled them with barley. We chose to use barley because it was on sale in the bulk aisle, has no smell, and won’t expand or explode in the microwave. After filling our pouches, the last step was simple: stitch up and close off the remaining hole!

These heating pads are a great to stay warm, and the weight from the pouch helps with anxiety and stress. It’s great for sore muscles, warming up cold toes, or simply having something warm to snuggle while falling asleep.

The photography documentation of this project was not our best work: not only did we have other friends that came over to make them (a bit of a distraction!), but we were also so busy with our hands that we did not think to pick up the camera as much as we normally would!

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