Knitting: 26 January

This week, I realized how much I needed to learn about knitting before I was able to even pick up my yarn and needles. There are many options for types, sizes, and material for needles and yarn, which is definitely intimidating for a (very) beginner knitter! I started off my knitting journey by looking through various knitting websites and blogs, and I decided on:

  • bamboo needles: the wood creates a bit of a drag on the stitches, and are much less slippery than metal needles
  • double-pointed needles: these are more of a personal preference – I like the idea of using very ‘traditional’ needles
  • size 7 needles: an ‘in-the-middle’ size that is popular with beginner knitters and seasoned pros alike
  • medium-weight yarn: another good in-between

I came across a few websites and blogs that were espeically great resources in helping me out with these decisions, and I have linked them below:


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